The Supreme Court Has Given Sidney Powell Her Day In Court!


Everyone deserves the right to be heard, and that is one of the things that our country is supposed to be based on.

The problem is that you have so many liberals that are in so many different positions around the country now that there isn’t a whole hell of a lot of breathing room for people that are true patriots.

No, I am not talking about those people that affix an extra flag on their car. I am talking about the people that are willing to risk it all to preserve the rights of others, even if it means being dragged through the mud themselves.

The Supreme Court has scheduled three voter fraud cases to be heard. The three cases all revolve around increased mail-in balloting.

The cases involve Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia. The Pennsylvania case was brought by Rep Mike Kelly.

The Georgia case was brought by Lin Wood and Michigan is a case from Sidney Powell. But, even if they win all three it is not going to change anything. Biden will still be president.

President Trump had predicted that the election would be decided by fraud if enhanced mail-in balloting was used.

In Michigan, it could include the fact that ballots were received over three hours aft6er the time limit. There is now definitive proof of that fact after the Gateway Pundit released a video of the delivery.

Even though they won’t change the election results, these cases are important. That is because it can prevent this type of behavior during future elections. Otherwise, we are talking about perpetual cheating and a one party rule.

The most important thing that could come out of this is the Supreme Court ruling that only state legislatures can set election rules and not crooked SOSs such as Brad Raffensperger.

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