The Twins From HGTV Released Their Debut Song – I Never Thought They’d Be THIS Good


Jonathan and Drew Scott are the stars of HGTV’s Property Brothers. They have won over the hearts of millions across the world with their charisma, personalities, and work. These diligent twins help families find, buy, and transform “fixer-uppers” into dream homes while maintaining a strict timeline and hard budget.

But aside from their main job, these twin brothers have other aspirations, one of which is music. These twins joined together to start a country music band known as “The Scott Brothers,” and they recently released their new song, “Hold On.”

The song has warm tones and a very rich harmony. The brothers sing outdoors about loved ones returning home to each other. It’s clear that these brothers are very musically talented, and the way their voices mesh is absolutely soothing to hear.

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