There is Something 650 Feet Under Russia That Not Many People Have Seen. You Have To See This To Believe It!!!


Deep below a Russian town rests something that has literally taken my breath away, and probably will yours as well. We’ve done posts about some incredible abandoned salt mines, but I don’t think I have ever seen anything quite like this before. A Russian urban explorer decided he wanted to see what was left of this old salt mine. 20 hours later and he exited the mine shafts in absolutely awe of what he had just witnessed. Words really can’t describe the beauty absolute wonder of what was down there. Check out the pictures and see for yourself.


The Russian explorer and his friends have spent a total of 20 hours mapping and exploring the caverns. They even stayed over night one time.


What they found during their exploration is truly a sight to behold.


The psychedelic colors in caves are caused by layers upon layers of the mineral Carnallite.  


The Carnallite creates swirls and patterns in the colored rock.


The results are absolutely astonishing. It almost feels as if you are in some pristine ancient chapel.


The colors range from brilliant blues to raging reds and some glorious gold.


There are even some designs cared into the stones that adds an even greater ambience to the entire cave system.


This is quite possibly my favorite pictures of the bunch. You really can get a sense of the scale of this place. It’s incredible how big the designs carved into the rock are.


This area is of particular interest to tourists. Don’t start making your travel plans just yet however, as it is only accessible through a permit from the Russian government.


The team of explorers risked quite a bit while down in the caves. From gas leaks to landslides, there were plenty of dangers to be aware of in these tunnels.


It is unfortunate that the access to these caves is so restricted. I would make a trip here in a heartbeat.


Remnants of the machines used by the workers still lie hundreds of feet below the ground.


This place looks like an alien landscape. Strange formations and colors abound at almost every turn.

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