There’s Something Very Telling About Fauci’s Hands…


The Senate floor continued to grill Fauci alive during the senate hearing today.

Dr. Rand Paul didnot go easy with Fauci as he continue to grill Fauci about his lies. Indeed, Dr. Rand Paul is Fauci’s nemesis.

Just like Rand Paul’s previous concerns, he continued to raise Fauci’s alleged participation in “Gain of Function” research that pertains to COVID.

It is very obvious that Rand Paul is pointing out that this whole pandemic was all because Fauci and Americans can all agree with what he’s claiming.

And because of this Fauci can now feel the intensity of the whole situation.

Because of the attacks that have been throwing at him, he always went to CNN to find his back up and to have a shield whenever he’s not happy with the comments coming from the people and even using science as his protection saying that attacking him is also also “attacking science.”

Like what?

But perhaps the heat is getting too hot, even for Dr. Fauci?

Because former top spy chief Richard Grenell noticed something interesting today during the hearing.

Grenell spotted something strange about Fauci’s hands and zoomed in to have a look.

Grenell has observed that Fauci was literally “shaking” while Rand Paul was questioning him.

Either that, or he’s nervously fidgeting…either way, Fauci appears rattled.

And below is the whole intense video that more like made Fauci pee into his pants.

If I was also Fauci, and considering the things he has done I would be shaking too.

Source: Wayne Dupree