They Couldn’t Get Anyone To Buy This Old Chair, And When You Look You’ll Know Why….


We’ve all seen used furniture ads on different websites but I’ve never seen anything like this. An Oklahoma City woman’s ad has gone viral for a strange reason.

DeAnna Whitlock Yingling, 52, listed an armchair for sale on numerous websites for just $100 and she had no idea the chair would receive so much attention. The picture of the brown leather chair has gone viral and is now worth $500 because people say that there’s a ghost in the chair.

DeDe, a healthcare worker from  Oklahoma City, listed the product on Facebook Marketplace, as well as 14 other websites on the evening of March 11.

She described it as a ‘beautiful chair’ that had ‘nothing wrong with it’ but explained that she was changing her home decor, and it no longer fit the theme. Unexpectedly, within 24 hours, the listing went viral — but not because people were keen to buy it.

Instead, social media users were quick to notice the outline of a ‘person’ clearly imprinted on the furniture.

The chair is dark brown except where one would sit and along the arms. The color there is a light brown and the body shape is visible. People are saying that they see a ghost. What makes this even creepier is that Whitlock’s husband died in the chair eight years ago.

“The story behind the chair is a bit of an odd one because I never noticed an image of any kind,” DeAnna told Jam Press. “I purchased it from someone else on Marketplace, and it has been sat in my living room for a long time, and no one has ever said anything about it. I listed it online, and the following morning, my sister sent me a text to tell me that it was blowing up on Facebook.”

“A friend even texted me saying our very own Mayor David Holt of Oklahoma City even made a comment about the chair on Twitter, saying it deserved a broader audience,” she said. “I didn’t have a Twitter account, but now I do.”

When you look at the picture you can definitely see where the husband sat. The chair is definitely worn but the worn places totally do form a person. A ghost? I don’t know. But you can totally see a human figure.

According to AWM, Twitter users shared many reactions to the armchair.

“I may buy it and create a haunted room in my house. Old baby dolls and the grandpa ghost chair,” wrote one person.

“Someone died in this mofo,” added another social media user.

“Nothing wrong with it, just an atomic bomb took out the person sitting on it, as you can see the person’s silhouette was printed on the chair,” another person added.

Source: AWM