This One Eight Second Clip PROVES Why Kamala Needs To Go!


While we are all struggling from COVID and its nonsense mandates, Team Biden is having the time of their lives. I mean, seriously?

Have they forgotten that we still have American hostages left in Afghanistan? We know Joe has forgotten it already knowing he has bad Dementia but Kamala, I have never seen her cared about it at all.

Have you heard the news the other day? Joe Biden never killed any ISIS terrorists… He is silent about it, so are his allies.

In fact, what really happen is he actually killed a family of 10 with a bunch of children.

Finally, Biden is making the border situation worst. I mean, instead of fixing the problem, he’s been adding disaster at the border. The situation at our border has reached an absolute catastrophic mess. It’s unreal what’s happening there.

You may watch the videos below:

And while all of that stuff is going on, Joe Biden is on yet another Delaware vacation, and Kamala Harris is having a blast with her hubby facilitating the coin toss at the Howard University football game.

How nice that liberal elites can keep enjoying their lives, while everyone is running around trying to clean up the messes these incompetent communists make day in and day out.

And to make matters worse, Kamala Harris is the so-called “Border Czar.” That’s what Joe Biden named her, and then for months afterward she refused to go to the border.

The only reason she finally went was that President Trump announced he was going – suddenly Kamala showed up at the border – an area where there were no issues whatsoever.

What total frauds.

Well, she’s not going to weasel out of it this time – not if Dan Scavino has anything to say about it…and he has a lot to say, without saying a word, and in only 8-seconds, actually.

Scavino shared one very damning split-screen video featuring Kamala.

On the top screen is Kamala at the coin toss, and on the bottom screen is the massive, ungodly surge happening at the border.

You can watch the video below:

What a juxtaposition that is, right?

And what a blistering and damning 8-seconds for Kamala…it says everything about her and Joe, without saying one single word.

Source: WayneDupree