This Six Year Old Child Will NEVER Be The Same Again After A Horrible Prank that…


In a heart-wrenching incident that took place in Bridgeport, Connecticut, young Dominick was playing innocently with other children in the backyard of his family’s home on Louisiana Avenue. Tragically, the playful gathering took a harrowing turn when one of the children, reportedly tenants in the home, chose to toy with fire.

According to Dominick’s sister, Deegan, an eight-year-old neighbor trespassed onto the property, broke into the shed, and gained access to gasoline, lighters, and a tennis ball. The child, known for his bullying tendencies, then hurled the flaming ball at Dominick’s face before running away to watch the horrifying scene unfold.

John Cappiello, a spokesperson for the hospital where Dominick is being treated, shared that the boy “remains in fair condition.” Fortunately, Dominick’s proximity to the Connecticut Burn Center at Bridgeport Hospital, one of only sixty-two such facilities across the nation, meant he could receive specialized care.

Deegan expressed her anger and frustration over her brother’s attack, noting the assailant’s history of bullying and the lack of consequences. “The mother thinks he is innocent. The family thinks it’s a joke,” Deegan wrote. Despite being in immense pain and unable to speak, Dominick managed to tell his mother, “Please don’t take me back there.” Deegan emphasized the injustice of the situation, asserting that such an ordeal should never happen to any child and calling for justice for Dominick.

As of now, authorities have yet to press charges against the eight-year-old bully responsible for Dominick’s injuries. Deegan spoke to NBC New York about the attack, hoping to raise awareness and push for action. “It’s heartbreaking, it’s sickening to know the family. There’s nothing being done about this,” she said.

Dominick’s family is determined to support their little boy during his recovery. They are accepting donations to help cover medical bills and find a new, safer home. “Anything helps, even a share. Thank you all for the support. I’m sure Dominick appreciates it,” the family wrote.

This tragic story highlights the devastating consequences of bullying and reckless behavior. It is essential to raise awareness about the dangers of such actions and take steps to prevent them. Children and adults alike must learn the importance of treating others with kindness and respect, and those who choose to act otherwise must face the consequences of their actions.

We wish Dominick a speedy recovery and hope that justice will be served for this horrific incident. No child should have to endure such a traumatic experience, and it is up to all of us to create a safer, more compassionate world for future generations.

Source: AWM