This Top OnlyFans Model Just Showed The Big Trick She Uses To Keep Creeps Away…


In a world where attention is sought after, there’s one young woman who has had her fair share, and perhaps more than she bargained for. Mikaela Testa, a popular model on the adult entertainment platform OnlyFans, has discovered an innovative way to ward off unsolicited male attention during her social outings – by wearing a fake engagement ring.

At just 23, Testa has seen a meteoric rise to fame on the digital stage. With millions of followers on TikTok and a bustling career on OnlyFans, she’s no stranger to the public eye. However, this heightened visibility has brought its own set of challenges, particularly when she’s trying to enjoy a quiet evening out with her friends.

Tired of the constant harassment from men during their nights out, Testa and her posse took a unique approach, adopting fake engagement rings as their shield.

A resident of Perth, Australia, Testa has captivated an impressive 2.3 million people on TikTok. But it’s her recent revelation about her faux-engagement tactic that has garnered even more attention. “We’re constantly pestered by men at bars, nightclubs, you name it,” she admitted, explaining the motivation behind their decision to don the fake rings. “So, we bought these rings to flash and say… back off.”

Their deceptive strategy, Testa found, worked like a charm, creating a much-needed barrier between them and the intrusive male attention. “Men tend to respect other men’s territory. If they think you’re engaged, they leave you alone, no fuss,” she noted.

Testa’s candid revelation on TikTok about their stratagem in warding off unsolicited advances on their Bali vacation spread like wildfire, amassing over 85,000 likes within a day of posting. Her followers were quick to share their thoughts on the ploy, many lauding it as a “great travel tip,” and some asking for links to purchase their own decoy rings.

However, the trick also stirred up a degree of controversy. One commentator voiced their indignation about the Australian’s method of deterring attention, branding it “embarrassing” for their nationality.

Aside from fending off unwanted attention, Testa has also faced other hurdles recently. During an attempted visit to the United States, she was detained at the Los Angeles airport due to visa complications. Choosing to share her ordeal with her TikTok followers, Testa revealed, “I’ve been held in the US border force room for over thirty hours, without my phone, and my visa has been revoked.”

After an intense round of questioning, which included a probe into her profession as an OnlyFans model, Testa was deported back to Australia, marking another tumultuous chapter in the life of this online sensation.

Source: AWM