This Woman Is Addicted To Stinging Herself With Bees…WTF?


For six seasons now, TLC‘s My Strange Addiction has covered the odd fixations of the weirdest people on the planet, from the woman who loves the taste of toilet paper to the guy who is addicted to being in a cast.

But as a guy who has a pretty serious aversion to insects, this woman who is addicted to getting stung by bees is probably the one I’m most fascinated/disgusted by. It started as a way to combat her arthritis, but now Margaret forces the stinger of a bee into her skin up to 15 times a day!

I mean, I get being addicted to your work, but as a bee farmer, maybe you shouldn’t be killing off your livelihood? Just a thought.

You can catch more obsessed weirdos on My Strange Addiction every Wednesday at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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