Tiger Woods Emailed Hillary Clinton After Cheating And You’ll Never Guess Why…

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Apparently after Tiger Woods had his blowup with his ex-wife Elin Nordegren, he contacted Hillary Clinton. Now, the emails have been discovered.

According to the NY Post, “Tiger Woods wants to speak to her regarding the congo For real,”said an email from Clinton Foundation’s Doug Band to Huma Abedin. The Congo is in reference to the congressional golf course where Woods  has a charity golf tournament every year.

Tiger Woods and Nordegren, via
Tiger Woods and Nordegren

*** these emails were just released via the conservative group called Citizens United.

“Honest to betsy,” Abedin wrote back. She was surprised that Tiger Woods was reaching out to Hillary.

Don’t discuss with hrc until we speak,” Band told Abedin.

“Uh, hello,” she replies, “U think I’m crazy.”

*** It is not clear whether the meeting ever happened.

But, you know what they say? Birds of a feather cheat together. It’s not surprising that Tiger Woods, a serial cheater, was friends with another serial cheater, Bill Clinton.

We need to get this rat out of politics. Hillary Clinton will sell us out to the most despicable of people. (h/t NY Post)

*** Share this story everywhere if you think that Hillary Clinton is a huge liar!

It’s time to clean out the deplorables from the White House. Thanks for reading, y’all.


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