Tokyo Bows Down to First Lady Melania Trump… Liberals’ Jaws Are Dropping

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President Trump and his beautiful wife Melania have already made an admirable impact on the people of Japan on their first visit.

As Melania initiated her visit she maintained her clear model of customs and fashion choices as first lady.

In preparing her wardrobe for the trip, Melania Trump decided to go with proper business attire opting for simple, elegant, and collected but somber skirts and coats for the gatherings with Japanese officials.

Her tasteful decision left the people of Japan in admiration and amazement by her ability to show such a good example for the women of America.

Reported by theviralpatriots:

We are so incredibly proud of our First Lady. Melania Trump has been the perfect example of class and elegance since she set foot in the White House earlier this year. The Left continues to pretend that she has done something wrong. They bash her and her husband constantly. The truth is that she embodies everything the First Lady of our country should be. We are extremely proud to have her in the White House.

This week, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abet hosted the state banquet at the Akasaka palace in Tokyo Japan. The reason for the banquet was to celebrate President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s very first official visit to Japan.

President Donald Trump and his beautiful wife First Lady Melania Trump made their way to Tokyo accompanied by 29-year-old White House Communications Director Hope Hicks. The banquet was one of the most perfect events that President Trump had ever had the pleasure of attending. We are hopeful that Mr. and Mrs. Trump’s visit to Tokyo will bring a lot of benefits for America.

There was something about the visit that caught everyone’s attention. We weren’t surprised that First Lady Melania Trump dazzled everyone with her grace and elegance, but we were amazed by her confirmation of her impeccable style. Hicks also surprised everyone when she showed up in formal wear for the banquet. We are extremely pleased with the way Melania Trump carries herself. She seems to let the negative comments from the Left roll right off her back and continues to make America proud.

For the majority of Americans, Melania Trump is a breath of fresh air after the First Lady we were stuck with for eight years. Melania may very well be the best first lady that our country has ever seen. She has been standing right by President Trump’s side for every single important event, and she has proven that she is a caring mother for her children and step-children.

During his trip to Japan, President Trump is being accompanied by both Melania Trump and Hope Hicks for the entire 13 day trip to Asia. The three will visit numerous major stops. They will make stops in South Korea, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Some speculations have stated that Hicks and Melania had a flight rivalry as they made their way on heir trip. The two women were dressed completely differently, but each exuded grace and elegance. Melania showed up in a beautifully striking red, floor-length, short sleeved gown. She wore diamond earrings, and her makeup was perfect.

Hicks showed up to the banquet wearing a black women’s tuxedo. She had on a white button-up shirt. She finished off her look with a black bowtie. 

Both women made America proud, and their class had jaws dropping.


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