Top CDC Engineer Has DIED After Getting The Vaccine!


The APEX System creature from Oracle who also worked with CSC to develop the COVID tracking system died late last month from coronavirus.

Joel Kallman a 54-year-old husband, father and long-time software developer is dead as mainstream media and big tech desperately try to blame COVID-19.

Here’s a report from The COVID Blog:

Mr. Joel Kallman started his career at Oracle in 1996. He was the Senior Director and Vice President of Software Development for the company’s Server Technologies Division. He led the team that created Oracle APEX, an app development platform that streamlines processes by eliminating complex coding and utilizing simple computing architecture.

It was on March 2020 when the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) partnered with teamed up with Oracle APEX, under Mr. Kallman’s leadership, to create the v-safe After Vaccine Health Checker.

The v-safe after vaccination health checker was created by Oracle developers for the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), using the Oracle APEX low-code development tool, Oracle Analytics, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. People who receive a COVID-19 vaccination can register with v-safe to voluntarily report side effects, such as pain or nausea, for the first days, weeks, and months after injection. The CDC can reach out to people who have experienced a concerning adverse reaction to gather more data, and medical professionals use this data to better understand how different patients and populations—particularly at-risk populations—respond to different vaccines.

Kallman’s first vaccine was on March 26 of this year where he posted the caption below on his Twitter account after he received his dose.

“I got my first vaccination today. I am incredibly proud @Oracle and the team that worked tirelessly to create and run v-safe for the USA.”

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Two months after he was vaccinated, Joel Kallman passed away from COVID-19 on May 25th.

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