Top Mexican Official STUNS DEMOCRATS After He Admits Trump CAN Make Mexico Pay For “The Wall”

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Democrats who have ridiculed Donald Trump’s pledge to build a wall and deport criminal illegals are shocked after a former Mexican Foreign Secretary said that there are “many ways”  Trump can get Mexico to pay for the wall and deport four million aliens.

This destroys Hillary Clinton’s narrative…just days before the first debate/

“The wall is a perfectly feasible promise to fulfill,” said Jorge Castañeda, Mexico’s secretary of foreign affairs from 2000 to 2003.

The man who held the same top diplomatic position in Mexico as Clinton did in the U.S., dismissing a Mexican Senate move to block payments to a Trump administration for the wall as “silly,” Castañeda offered up several ways for Trump to find the money, as the Washington Examiner reported:

“If he really wants Mexicans to pay for the wall, he has many ways of getting many Mexicans to pay for the wall, increasing the fee for visas…increasing the toll on the bridges..taxing remittances,” he said at the Hudson Institute in Washington.

Trump and his allies, like Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) have specified these exact same methods, which Clinton has said “can’t possibly happen.”

What’s more, Castañeda said that the wall is just an extension of programs first put into place by former President Bill Clinton and extended under former President George W. Bush andPresident Obama.

“Actually today you have somewhere like 40 percent of the 1,700 mile wall that is already there. So why can’t Trump do what he has promised to do if his three predecessors did a lot of it without wanting to?” he said.

Ditto on deportations. Noting that Obama has been dubbed the “Deporter-in-Chief” for removing two million, Castañeda said doubling deportations to four million illegals shouldn’t be a problem.

Liberals will be stunned by how “easily” Castañeda says Trump can deport millions of illegals:

“He certainly could deport twice as many as Obama, why not, why not? Everybody knows where they are — it’s very easy to find them. It’s expensive, but it’s not outrageously expensive and you could pressure a bunch of people including my country into paying for part of it and taking them back,” said the diplomat who is a New York University professor.

“If Obama was able to deport a little more than two million…why can’t Trump deport four million if he wants to?” he added.

Of course as TRN has reported, Obama has not really deported “2 million” — since his DHS in 2009 changed the rules to count voluntary removals, and to count the same individuals multiple times even if they are deported twice within days — a method never used by previous administrations. Using Bill Clinton’s counting standards, for example, Obama has only deported around 400,000 illegals — the lowest rate since Jimmy Carter.

Castañeda however, is no fan of Trump, and did not hold back in criticizing the GOP nominee, saying his “election will be a huge disaster for Mexico.”


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  1. You’re damn right it’s going to be a huge disaster for Mexico. Because now you will have to take care of your citizens and quit relying on the United States to take care of them.

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