Trace Adkins Worked For Years With Trump, He’s Finally Revealed THIS About Him


Trace Adkins has put others ahead of himself on almost everything he has done. He is one of the most caring men in the world of country and one of the most business savvy people as well. Adkins has worked hard his entire life; he recovered from a gunshot that pierced his heart and lungs. He even worked on oilrigs for a few years.

One of his larger accomplishments was raising 1.5 million dollars for the American Red Cross on his appearance of the All-star Celebrity Apprentice. Adkins was almost a back-to-back winner, but lost to Piers Morgan on his first season. When he came onto the show again in 2013 beat Penn in the finale. Adkins had two full seasons of the show to get to know the current Presidential Candidate, and many of us wanted to know his thoughts.

Billboard just recently asked Adkins about Trump, his former “boss.” Adkins has not endorsed his friend, yet. His interview is almost there and I suspect that Adkins will endorse Trump very soon. When asked about Trump, Adkins stated that he was wrong a year ago when he didn’t think Trump would run. Then he was wrong when he didn’t think Trump would make it this far. Adkins ended the interview with the statement that Trump has always been fair to him and he has no problems with the man. Do you have any problems with Trump?

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