Can You Spot The Woman In This Painting? If So, You Have An IQ Higher The Average Person

This incredible photo and art piece by German artist Jorg Dusterwald is a real test of vision. If you can find the image without the hint, you are considered to have an above average IQ.

This artist travels around, taking photos and painting women to create his masterpieces. Body painting is a truly beautiful form of art, and the hidden game factor is an added bonus.


(Spoiler) In this particular photo, he disguises a woman by painting her the color of leaves and bark.

0 thoughts on “Can You Spot The Woman In This Painting? If So, You Have An IQ Higher The Average Person

  1. I found what i thought it was within 5 minutes without the spoiler but have no idea other than that. It’s pretty tough.

  2. Most of these find the “whatever” in the picture are not really that hard. The only part that makes them difficult, is the lack of a full size picture to work with. Pictures that are clickable to the full size image would be real nice!

  3. Honestly, it took about 3 seconds to find her. Guess I have a higher IQ than the moron that wrote this. PROOFREAD YOUR SHIT MAN!!

  4. was almost impossible since putting a giant ad over half the page for money was apparently more important than the pic and article.. “adsupply” sucks! Will no longer click on anything that links to this site

  5. At first, unable to see anything resembling a human, I thought “Aha! Wall flower.” Unable to give it up for a lost cause, I scrolled back to this post and with determination proceeded to unravel the mystery. I was almost right! Door mat would be more accurate.

  6. Don’t believe it was that difficult – however I found several other faces in the picture – brain wise that is because our brains are attuned to recognize faces even if they are not there.

  7. Woman at the bottom of tree,needed to go to the lager photo,got it within 15 seconds?there are many images if you let your imagination run wild? the grammatical error (wellspotted,smeenottosmart) “than the”

  8. I am probably the only person making a comment ,that will admit they did not see the women until one of the other commenters pointed it out. That’s because they want to be thought of as above average. But then again, I’m related to a box of rocks.

  9. Sitting at the trunk of the tree,legs crossed in front Top part of ladu bark,legs are leaves. found in less than 5min.

  10. I noticed what word was missing when I was reading the headline, but figured that it was just another error on here. There have been so many.

  11. Actually, I found it right off. . . I really enjoy this type of “puzzle” and know to look for broken shapes, shadows, and blending. . . .This really is a pretty good one though, I have to admit !

  12. I don’t feel this has much to do with IQ and more about a persons ability to truly see finer details. It is a nice photo with fantastic colors. Well done.

  13. Without reading the text and only reading the headline I found her at the bottom of the trunk in 18 seconds.

  14. Found her in the bottom left of the tree trunk. Her upper body is part of the tree; her legs are part of the leaves. Her head is tilted over her right shoulder, right arm in her lap, left arm straight by her side, hand resting on the ground. It didn’t take me long. I don’t know about three seconds.

  15. At the bottom of the angling left L

    the butt and legs are leaf imagery

    where at waist up is imaged within the tree bark

    She appears beautiful and dainty!!!

  16. Am I the only one who saw a woman first on the wall to the right of the tree? She has a big hoop skirt that blends down into the leaves on the ground….. I saw her first and then the other one sitting by the tree.

  17. Took approximately .05 of a second, that’s 10X faster therefor 10X smarter than the rest of you! ha ha

  18. You are all wrong, the woman II spotted right away is a above and to the right of the gate in the tree tops to the left of thee big tree. She is very clear, not an imagination like the one you describe.

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