True Patriots Arrived And Antifa Scattered Like Roaches! [VIDEO]


There are some people that are always going to act tough no matter what, and then the minute that someone shows up that forces them to actually be tough, they wilt.

I have seen it a million times in my life, where someone acts like they are all big and bad but the second they have to act on their purported toughness they crumble.

Look at these Antifa punks. They get tough and throw things when there isn’t anyone around to confront them but the second someone meets eye to eye with them they begin crying.

Independent reporter Andy Ngo has spent years covering Antifa cowards who typically travel in large packs and violently attack small groups of Trump supporters.

Today, in the Capitol city of Olympia, Washington, a group of Antifa thugs attempted to attack a group of male Trump supporters. Antifa terrorists, who typically attack smaller groups of people who can’t defend themselves, were ill-prepared for the group of beta male Trump supporters who had little patience for the mask-wearing, anti-American punks.

In another video by Ngo, the Antifa thugs met a similar fate, as they were sent scattering like cockroaches from the fight they initiated with another group of Trump supporters. One Antifa straggler was chased away by a brave woman who physically removed him from the area where they were standing.

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