Trump Adviser Exposes The REAL Reason His Blog Shut Down!


Even though former President Donald Trump’s blog has now been permanently shut down, Trump is not waving the white flag by any means. According to various reports, those in Trump’s inner circle realize that the reason Trump made this move is because something bigger is in the works.

This comes on the heels of Facebook and Twitter banner the former president from their respective platforms after the January 6th protests at the Capitol. These platforms continue to insist that President Trump was guilty of inciting a riot and spreading disinformation regarding the election. This is despite the fact that there are several states that are reporting dubious vote totals. Additionally, there has been no word on whether ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter will be held accountable any time soon.

When President Trump was banned, he reached tens of millions of followers on Facebook and millions on Twitter alone.

The Details

The former president’s page was on, and it was called “From the Desk of Donald Trump”. It began last May, and it was used as a means for him to communicate with his followers.

However, one of the main reasons why the page was shut down was because users and readers of it were only allowed to submit contact information if they wanted updates from Trump’s communications team. Trump Senior Adviser Jason Miller gave a statement where he said that the move to shut down Trump’s blog was “just auxiliary to the broader efforts that we have and what we are working on.” That is part of the reason why Miller confirmed to CNBC that the blog was not going to be returning.

“I am hoping to have more information on the broader efforts as soon as possible, but I cannot say that I have a precise awareness of the timing,” he added. As chair of the Nevada GOP, Amy Tarkanian was excited about the possible next steps of the former president. She wrote on Twitter about the news, commenting, “Perhaps this might be a precursor to him joining another social media platform?”

Miller responded, “Yes, actually it is, so stay tuned!”

Last May, the Wall Street Journal reported that the former president was in talks with platforms such as Clouthub and Freespace to host a new type of social media platform for him and his followers.

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