Trump LIVID! Orders Secret Service To Investigate IMMEDIATELY!


There are certain things that everyone knows that they shouldn’t do or at least people with common sense. At the end of the day, there are things that when you hear that people did them you have to wonder what in the hell they were thinking.

Like people that tape conversations with people that don’t know they are being taped and then goad them into saying something. There is nothing worse than that to me because you might as well have had a gun to the person’s head.

Added to that, when you have someone that could be giving potentially sensitive information, it’s even more sinister.

Georgia S of S brad Raffensperger could soon be charged under the Espionage Act after he or one of his staff leaked the contents of the phone call to the far, far left Washington Post.

The WaPo then made things look far worse than they actually were by massively editing the transcript of the call. Their claim is that Trump demanded that S of S Raffensperger find enough votes for him to win.

What they left out was the context. President Trump listed off the entire litany of suspicious voting activity. What he asked Raffensperger to do was to weed out the illegal votes not to manufacture ones for himself. There is a vast difference between the two narratives.

The phone call was attended by attorneys along with a notice that as a “confidential settlement discussion”  on a matter still waiting to be heard, the call was confidential.

That is a violation of both state and federal law. Yet Raffensperger wants Trump investigated for asking him to actually look into the voter fraud.

Raffensperger, who has effectively ended his career as a Republican elected official will have to switch parties to have any chance of winning again. Ditto Gov Brian Kemp. Raffensperger has asked the FBI to investigate Trump for making the legal telephone call. At the same time, authorities have been asked by Trump and his team that Raffensperger be investigated for his illegal recording and release of the phone call.

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