URGENT: Mike Pence’s Plane Crashed! What Happened Next Will Make You Believe In God…

US News

The campaign plane carrying Mike Pence flew off the runway at New York City’s LaGuardia Airport on Thursday. There have been no reported injuries from the event.

*** Look what amazing thing Mike Pence did, though.

This is why we need a God fearing Christian like Mike Pence back in our government. This man is a hero.

This man is a super hero, y’all. Watch our brave first responders assessing the damage from the plane skidding off the runway.

Then Mike Pence went down to address the people and first responders.

Mike Pence ran around and made sure that everyone was not hurt.

Elizabeth Landers of CNN told Anderson Cooper that the plane was buffeted by turbulence and fishtailed on the landing. Trump has called and asked if everyone was alright.

Thank God that nobody was hurt.

Let’s all be glad that Mike Pence is okay. What an amazing man that showed his strength in character in such an insane disaster. He was lucky.

Vote Trump and make America great again. Both Trump and Pence have been flying around the country risking their lives on countless fights to make this country great again.

*** Their hard work is showing off!

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Thank god for Pence in this campaign. He has been a rock in this insane election.

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