VIDEO: She Stacks 11 PVC Pipes And Glues Them Together. What She Uses Them For? BRILLIANT!


If you’re in need of a sprucing up of your closet, look no further. With just some quick, easy steps and a trip to your local hardware store, you could be seeing a brand new shoe rack in no time!

In most households, we tend to leave our shoes at the doorway. When we have company, it isn’t the most pleasant looking to have a bunch of shoes in the front, as well as the dirt and other debris it trails in from outside.

To minimize the mess as well as maximize the presentation of your doorway, you might want to try out making a shoe rack with the quick steps shown in the video.

By simply taking PVC pipes of the right size, shoes can be hidden from you guests, and not only supply a cheap solution, but one that will get the job done efficiently!
As we can see, the video shows a mother and son constructing the shoe rack out of PVC pipe, which can most certainly be found in your local hardware store. Be sure to stay tuned until the end of the video to get proper instructions!

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