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All the pundits agree. Mike Pence won the 2016 Vice Presidential debate against Tim Kaine. Kaine interrupted 71 times in the debate and looked nothing short of foolish in comparison to the cool and calm Mike Pence.

After the debate, Pence went on Rush Limbaugh to discuss how the debate went, along with his efforts to help Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump “make America great again.”

Rush was particularly curious about how Pence is able to contain himself after so many attacks and insults.

Pence’s response was very humble and thoughtful to the point where it left Rush speechless.

This is incredible:

RUSH: I’ve been telling the audience all day, I thought the whole thing was beneath the dignity of the American people, and you handled it magnificently, and I… How did you do it? You had to just be — I don’t know — burning, frustrated at certain points —

PENCE: (chuckling)

RUSH: — wanting to just pop out of that, but you didn’t. It was well done.

PENCE: Well first, Rush, coming from you, that’s… I’m very humbled by that. Thank you very much, and I just… The encouragement we received… We had a great rally in Pennsylvania this morning, heading to campaign now in our campaign bus, and it’s just been very heartening to me. My goal last night was to really talk about the issues that the American people are focused on, the vision Donald Trump has articulated to Make America Great Again means a stronger America at home and abroad.[…]

RUSH: You truly are one of the most gracious and magnanimous… I mean, for you to say what you just said, you are truly… Not about me. I’m talking about the moderator and other things that happened last night. You are truly one of the most magnanimous and gracious men that we have in American politics today, because you just… You have that knack, Governor, and I need to applaud you for it. I don’t have the ability to contain myself after an event like that the way you do.


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