While Walking On The Beach, She Discovered Something That Proves Monsters Do Exist. This Is Terrifying.


There are few things scarier in the ocean than sharks. They are possibly the apex of all apex predators.There are maybe one or two animals in the ocean that can compete with them on the food chain. These animals have evolved over millions and millions of years into the predators they are today. You’ve seen a Great White Shark before I’m assuming. Remember how big it was? They are massive creatures. Now imagine something that looks the same, but is much much larger. What you’re imagining is a creature known as Megalodon. About 5 million years ago, it was the absolutely king of the ocean. Evidence of this giant shark has become more frequent recently, with massive teeth being found all over the world. A man in North Carolina recently found one, and the pictures are about as terrifying as you could imagine.


While strolling along North Top Sail beach in North Carolina, Denny Bland made a discovery that most of us would flip out over.


It was the tooth from one of the most terrifying creatures to ever roam the oceans. The Megalodon. As you can see from this chart, it made T-Rex look relatively small.


These monsters could grow up to 60 feet in length! That’s huge compared to the average size of a Great White Shark.


Luckily for us, they died out around 5 million years ago.


Even so, finding a half a foot long tooth would never be a calming experience. It’s believed that the strong currents from Hurricane Joaquin last fall could have caused it to be swept ashore.


We’ve seen monsters in movies, but this thing was even more terrifying than Jaws.

Finding something like this would be an absolutely thrill, but it would also make me a bit nervous. Less than 5% of our oceans have been explored, we honestly have no idea what could be lurking in the depths. It’s very likely that these massive creatures are actually extinct, but imagine if one was found alive! Or even worse, imagine YOUR the one who finds out they are still alive…in the middle of the ocean…in a boat….

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