Warning: If You Supported Trump, They WILL Come After You!


History is always written by the winners, or at the very least the people who cheated to win.

Conservatives are definitely not a dying breed if you look at what even the rigged election results tell you. The problem is that the people that stole the damn thing from us now have the keys to the kingdom and can pretty much make any rule they want.

It’s gonna be a bit of a rough couple of years for Trump supporters, especially that liberals don’t exactly care about agreeing to disagree.

The End Times are coming…

And we don’t mean that in a Biblical sense, though honestly, we’re not meant to know when that event happens.

No, we’re talking about the end of civility in the United States.

The left will make sure of it. The left will usher in the incivility. The left will trigger the next internal conflict — one that will very turn out to be kinetic because the left will push patriots to it.

You see the woman above?

Her name is Therese Duke. She’s a supporter of President Donald Trump.

She used to be an employee at Massachusetts General Hospital (see the story in the video below).

But after being punched at a Jan. 5 rally in Washington, D.C., bloodied, and then outed as a Trump supporter by a daughter she brought into this world, raised, and cared for, she was fired by bullies and cowards.

Why? As the video report below incorrectly claims, it was believed that she took part in the riot at the U.S. Capitol Building earlier this month

She didn’t. But that didn’t matter. She got canceled anyway. 

And now she fears she won’t ever be able to make a living again — at least in the U.S.

Her own country.

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