WATCH: Black THUGS Tear Trump Supporter Out Of His Car And BEAT Him In An Intersection

Viral WTF

Do you remember the hysteria about the ‘violent’ Trump supporters that would attack people if Trump lost? Are those same people denouncing THIS?

So, in Obama’s community-organizing home base of Chicago…

A group of black thugs swarms an older white man to beat and rob him while accomplices bystanders film the event, laugh and comment: ‘You voted Trump! DAMN!’, ‘You gonna pay for that sh!t!’, ‘Beat his ass’, ‘Don’t vote Trump!’

This video is so awesome to the Anti-Trump crowd they’ve put it to music. (Language Warning)

It’s also an ‘extended cut’ that shows the thieves driving away in the man’s car while he has his hand stuck in the window.

*sarcasm on*

Isn’t it great that Barack Obama has ushered in a new era of tolerance and healed all those racial divides?

*sarcasm off*

This man isn’t even a confirmed Trump voter, and this may have just been an excuse by the thugs to beat and rob him.

He’s white, so he voted Trump… Beat him then rob him!

Ummm… isn’t that racist?


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