WATCH – Black Woman Explains Why We Need Trump, MILLIONS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY Are Spreading It!

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A new video has surfaced on Twitter, showing an African-American citizen that loves Trump so much, that she feels other people need to understand why as well. She explains that America does not need brag politicians that are just in this field for he cash, but true patriots like Donald Trump who care about the welfare of America.

“Trump tells it like it is,” the woman proudly states on the now viral video. “He’s hip and, of course, he doesn’t take no S-H-I… you guys know what.”

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The woman goes on to accurately inform the viewers that Donald Trump’s “they,” meaning the political elite and mainstream media, don’t like him because he is so blunt. Again, the woman spoke the unvarnished truth when adding that his unyielding dedication to brutal honesty is exactly why We the People need him!

The unidentified woman feels strongly that because “Trump doesn’t take no mess,” it is also why black Americans need him to win the election. Hillary Clinton has pandered to the black community for years, offering zero change for those who are struggling.

“He knows how to give us those businesses, so we can have that stuff,” she adds, noting she and her peers “like the nice stuff.” Unlike Mitt Romney, Donald Trump has not been afraid to showcase his wealth and success.

America needs and deserves a businessman at the helm. Career politicians do not know how the real world works or how to create an environment conducive to job growth and business expansion.

Instead of demeaning black Americans by just using the same tired, socialistic “free stuff” lines, Donald Trump is offering the opportunity for success—to truly stand on your own two feet and become as prosperous as possible.

Liberals are focused on the values of higher education and are promising to make getting a degree free for the masses. Nothing in life is free—someone somewhere is going to be paying for those college courses.

College is a great idea for many folks, but it is not for everyone, and there is nothing wrong with that. Trump knows blue collar workers are what make America run.

Donald Trump respects the middle class and blue collars workers who were forgotten by the Obama administration and disparaged by Hillary Clinton. Trump has been rubbing elbows with common Americans working hard on construction sites, in factories, and in the service industry for years.

He made his children learn his business from the bottom up. Along the way, they were mentored by skilled tradesmen and women, learning both a work ethic and respect for blue collar workers.

America needs a president that will look pass color issues and will be there for each and every American citizen in times of need.


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  1. Killary cares nothing about the Blacks or the Conditions and Violence that has been going on for a long time. Her Ambitions are what is important to her and her Climb up the ladder to Power and Money. The Cities run Daily with Killings and the Blood of Innocents being gunned down by Gangs and Violence. The Streets are flowing with Drugs and People are living in fear for there lives. Where is Killarys outrage on this? She holds her Money Raiser for her own benefit and Pretends to be this Saint. Ask the People of Haiti how they feel about her. They were taken in by her promise to help them. She is the Great PRETENDER and has been on a Crime Spree for 30 Years. She is unfit to be President Physically, Mentally or Immorally. She is Killary Rotten Clinton and she has sold her soul to the Devil long ago. She will be judged according to her works! TRUMP PENCE 2016

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