WATCH – Trump Fan EFFORTLESSLY SHUTS DOWN Black Feminist NAACP President, This is AMAZING!!!

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Feminists are intent on taking over the United States, and they are of the flawed ideology that “America has never been great.” They believe that the worldview from us Trump supporters is the root cause of all of America’s problems, yet they fail to look in the mirror and notice just how flawed the liberal mindset of themselves and their hero Hillary Clinton really are.

UK-born Trump fan Milo Yiannopoulos literally cleaned the clock of a black feminist NAACP president during one of his college lectures. Although this NAACP president trotted the same tired animosity against America, Yiannopoulos was ready for her, backing up his argument with facts.

As a start, Yiannopoulos described how feminism has become something wholly different than what it was intended to be. It is now a mean, vindictive, spiteful, man-hating philosophy.

Women are now abandoning the ideology by the millions, and the stats bear this out. In Yiannopolous’ country, just 7% of the woman describe themselves as feminists, yet 92% of them note how they want equality. In America, just one-in-five characterize themselves as being feminist.

Moreover, Yiannopoulos described the “sleight of hand” some feminists utilize to portray themselves as the victim. Although on rare occasions they are right, more often than not the fact have been skewed heavily in their favor.

First of all, these women lie about the “wage gap” that exists in this country. They obfuscate and neglect to tell many that the reason for this is because of the maternal instinct many women possess. Many do indeed leave the workforce for a period of time in order to care for children, simply because they do not want them raised by day care centers.

Secondly, there is no “rape culture” on college campuses. Men are naturally going to be interested in the opposite sex, but how does natural interest somehow turn to a rape culture?

Finally, he disagreed with the liberal mindset of the Clintons and said it had devastating consequences for the Black community. Bill Clinton’s crime bill took millions of black fathers out of the home, but as we have learned in recent years, that was the plan all along.

You see, liberals such as the Clintons are wholly devoted to the “nanny state” and believe fathers do not have a place in the echelon of society. The state can raise children every bit as well.

Yiannopoulos finished up by tying it into the current “Black Lives Matter” movement, which he also said was inherently flawed. Instead of engaging in violence, he said it is time for them to vote for the right political party.

40 years of liberal ideology have failed to work for the Black community and for women’s rights. The world is quickly becoming a dystopia simply because of those on the far left.


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