One Town Resists Governor’s Lockdown “We Will NOT Comply” Opens ALL Restaurants


By Leisa Audette at 100 Percent FED Up –

Is the tide turning?

The people of Mossyrock, Washington, are fed up with the lockdowns in their state. They held a rally where residents were encouraged to defy the lockdown and visit local restaurants to dine. They are refusing to comply with the ban on indoor dining.

Mossyrock Mayor Randall Sasser said he had talked with people from around the state who had come to help out.

Local King5  reported on the event where one protester said, “They’re frustrated at being told what they can and can’t do in their homes, where they can and can’t shop,” Melis said. “Wal-Mart and Target, and all these big box stores are open, but little mom and pop shops can’t be open…that ain’t right.”

Governor Jay Inslee’s latest lockdown prohibits indoor dining and set capacity restrictions on retail stores. The big box stores remain open while the small businesses die. The Mayor Sasser is taking a common sense approach to the lockdowns. He says the costs are too high to keep everything closed. What happened in this small town should happen everywhere… The people need to take back their power.

Good for them. We have to take a stand against these tyrants.

For example:


Bill Gates is a clueless elitist who says lockdowns should continue well into 2022, with bars and restaurants shut down for the next six months. He has no idea that restaurants and bars need to open immediately if they want to survive. There are so many places that have had to throw in the towel and close already.

Congressman Andy Biggs retweeted the video below saying: “This won’t end until the American people restore their freedoms once and for all.”

Listen to Gates discuss what he’d like to see with the lockdowns:


The leftist elitists are continuously proving themselves to be tyrants who want to tell other people how to live but don’t live by those same rules.

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