What COMMUNIST AOC Said About Looting And Rioting Will Make Your Blood Boil!


You would have to think that no matter how mad someone is about something that they would say that it isn’t right to burn down someone’s house.

Especially if the person has nothing to do with it, there is no reason why it would make sense to burn down something that had nothing to do with it.

Same thing goes with stealing. I mean, that shoe store had squat to do with why you are mad…

If you still harbor doubts about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Marxist/socialist tendencies or that she and Democrats like her are 110 percent behind the fomenting of a full-blown revolution within our country, what she had to say about the ongoing rioting and violence gripping cities run by her party should convince you.

In an interview with far-Left Vanity Fair, the 29-year-old former bartender lauded a purported political shift in America saying people — that would be the rioters and looters — are “discovering their own power” and called that “profoundly exciting.”

If you go back and listen to speeches by previous Marxist/Communist revolutionaries like Vladimir Lenin, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, you’ll find that AOC talks just like they did, using the same choice of words and phrases.

As for the magazine and the interview, Vanity Fair featured Ocasio-Cortez in a photo collection “celebrating the founders of Black Lives Matter, the Squad, John Boyega, Noname, Billy Porter and more on the forefront of change.”

‘Change’ to the Left means that they seek to change our founding, constitutional system into something our forefathers actually rebelled against — so there’s that.

The author of the essay accompanying the portfolio, Jacqueline Woodson, said she wants to “look into the face of a country built on the bodies of Black folks as more than 400 years of rage and a balance long overdue bites it on its a**, paints a yellow brick road into Black Lives Matter plazas, topples its long-held beliefs, monuments, and Confederate flags.”

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