What Lara Trump Said To Hannity About Biden Is Perfect!


I think our Justice System is not functioning well, as for my fellow Americans do you think we still have equal justice under the law?

Does anyone still believe it? Perhaps thats the better question would be… Sadly, the answer to that question is a resounding, glaringly obvious NO!

Just recently, Lara Trump and Sean Hannity spoke and discussed the unequal application of the law between the Trump family and the Biden family.

Sean began with: “If your husband Laura, if Eric Trump, Don Junior, if anybody with the last name Trump ever did any of the things that Hunter Biden did, we know what would happen. We know what the media coverage would be like, and we know what the prosecutors would do. It would be a never-ending, nonstop, you know, 3-year extravaganza.”

Here an excerpt of Sean Hannity’s Transcript:

“I can only conclude we don’t have equal justice under the law in America anymore and we don’t have equal application of our laws anymore and that should scare every American”

“They have one motive Sean, it is to disqualify president Donald Trump from running again in 2024”

Lara Trump ends the segment with this truth bomb, “If the media had any integrity and if the justice system was equal, then Joe Biden most certainly would not be president of the United States and Hunter Biden most likely would be in jail.”

Next time you hear the phrase, “justice is served”, point to a democrat and say, “I’ll take whatever he’s having.”

Watch it here: Fox News/Rumble

Source: 100%FeedUp