What They Are Planning To Do To DC Is Absolutely Mind Blowing!


When all of the things were happening with the situation with the Capitol a few weeks ago and I began to see the security fencing go up, I had one thing on my mind…

What about the poor people that run businesses near that area? During the inauguration for example, they had damn near half of the city blocked off. I can’t imagine what a hit that some of those places took while they had to deal with having to show paperwork to get to their businesses.

It’s all about control, it almost always is.

Yesterday, it was announced that permanent fencing would be coming to the US Capitol. For many Americans, this is an alarming new development.


When President Trump was inside the White House, and BLM/Antifa rioters attacked Secret Service protecting the perimeter, the Left mocked him for taking cover in the bunker. No one ever suggested the fencing wasn’t sufficient to protect President Trump from the relentless violent protestors.

Washington DC’s Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser tweeted about some “potentially volatile events upcoming” that require the extra fencing and additional troops around the city. She also claimed that these massive security additions would not be permanent.

1/ Based on conversations with federal partners, there are some potentially volatile events upcoming that will require extra security. Fencing and the presence of troops will be a part of that. But we will not accept extra troops or permanent fencing as a long-term fixture in DC.

2/ When the time is right, the fencing around the White House and U.S. Capitol, just like the plywood we’ve seen on our businesses for too long, will be taken down.

3/ We look forward to working with Congresswoman Norton on not only ensuring continued public access to the Capitol, but also preventing any proposed security installations from intruding into our local neighborhoods.

So, what is going on in our nation’s Capitol? Why is the area protected by barbed wire fencing, National Guard troops, and police officers with riot shields continuing to spread across the city?