What This Children’s Hospital Is Doing To Staff Who Won’t Vax Is Sickening!


Now even a children’s hospital is requiring their employees to get the COVID vaccine shot and it’s mandatory. St. Jude Children’s Hospital announced that their employee should get the Covid19 shot or they will face termination, and the only exceptions will only be due to medical and religious reasons.

This organization had helped a lot of families that made it difficult to condemn and criticize them, however; as they try to force people who wouldn’t get the vaccine allows criticism and possible legal action.

The side effects of the vaccine are being revealed that made families are torn apart, people were seriously injured and others were fatally and yet St. Jude’s, whose sole mission is to save lives, is demanding their employees take the risky shot or be fired.

Here’s an excerpt from the WMC Action New5 report:

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis is now requiring employees to get vaccinated against coronavirus or be terminated.

A letter was sent to all employees Wednesday afternoon from President and CEO Dr. James Downing, outlining the new mandatory vaccine policy.

In the letter, Downing cites the dangers of the Delta variant and its rapid spread as part of the reason for the mandate.

St. Jude employees must be vaccinated against COVID-19 by September 9, barring a medical or religious exemption. The eight weeks between now and then is meant to give employees time to schedule and complete the vaccination process.

Any employee who refuses to get vaccinated will be put on unpaid leave for two weeks.

At the end of that time, if employees have not started the vaccination process, they will be terminated.
Downing says the requirement is meant to ensure that St. Jude patients and their families are treated in the safest environment possible.

Now, threats like this have become a trend not only in the USA but also around the world.

Just this week, it was reported that the streets of France were filled with protesters pushing back against President Marcon’s new COVID-19 mandates, including forced vaccines for healthcare workers.

I just want to know if St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital might also consider stopping receiving donations from unvaccinated donors. Those donors might also think twice about where their hard-earned dollars should be sent, considering the hostile demands the health care facility is placing upon its employees.

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