What Trump Did To This BLACK Man In 2013 Is Obama’s Media’s Worst Nightmare!


Darnell Barton, 37, had just picked up 20 high school students on the afternoon of October 18 and was driving over a bridge when he spotted a woman standing along the railing on an overpass, leaning over the traffic below.

He pulled over and counseled her into coming down, leading real estate mogul Trump to write a letter saying: ‘Your quick thinking resulted in a life being saved and for that you should be rewarded.’

Although Trump didn’t personally hand Barton the reward check, the $10,000 was passed through Mayor Byron W. Brown’s office to be handed to the bus driver.

Trump wrote: ‘Although I know to you it was just a warm-hearted first response to a dangerous situation… it saved her life.’

Barton was also interviewed by celebrity chef Rachael Ray on Wednesday for her daytime TV show.

Barton has not spoken to the woman he helped save since the incident, but says he plans to do so when the situation deserves.

He has not yet decided what to do with his check but has spoken of starting a foundation.

‘I have my personal executive board, called my wife. We haven’t sat down and had an opportunity to plan or anything of that nature yet’, he said to the Buffalo News.

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0 thoughts on “What Trump Did To This BLACK Man In 2013 Is Obama’s Media’s Worst Nightmare!

  1. This is just one example of many heart felt acts of kindness that Donald Trump has done over the last 4 decades. Like providing his plane to transport a young boy to a medical facility to save his life when no other airline would transport the young boy or the family in Georgia that owned a farm that’s been in the family for 100 years and were on the verge of loosing it, that’s when Trump stepped in and paid off their mortgage or the couple that helped Trump when the limo he was in broken down and for their help Trump paid off their mortgage. I could go on and on with story after story. I never see or read anything, like this, that Cruz or Rubio have ever done. Don’t get me wrong, just because they haven’t done things like what Trump has done doesn’t make them bad people but what does make them bad people is whenever the attack Trump and call him a phony, a con artist, a heartless individual. When they’ve done that, I believe, it’s out of jealousy and desperation, I mean why else would they make such disparaging remarks against Donald Trump? Trump is not a phony, or a con artist and he’s definitely not a heartless person.

  2. I think that was a very nice thi g Donald Trump did for this man he didnt have to even acknoledge the woñderful thing this man did.

  3. Founding out so many things, good things about Mr Donald Trump have done is incredible. Without anybody knowing about it.
    He is there right person for the presedency. #TRUMPTRAIN

  4. Trump has done this kind of thing many times in his life. the press and the networks will not tell this to you. instead, they want to make him out to be some kind of evil monster. this is so wrong, as he cares more for this country and its’ people than all the rest of those sleazy politicians combined. the Country matters more to him than the Party. the people must elect him President and make the country great again and get the worldwide respect back that we used to have. Trump in 2016.

  5. I have never heard of Obama, or Hillary, for that matter, doing anything like that. Actually never heard of them doing anything at all to help anyone.

  6. I have heard all these kind gestures Donald Trump has done as well and that is just one more reason he is my choice for the Presidency. Do you actually think he would put up with all this “Shit” if he wasn’t serious about “Changing” what is going on??? He knows more than we do what has been going on behind the scenes and has had enough too. Trump 2016

  7. I had heard about these kind deeds that Donald Trump has done, I think they are very commendable, knowing this it really frustrates me when these low life politicians make bad remarks about Donald Trump.

  8. You will never hear about these acts of kindness and generosity in the media. To Trumps credit-he doesn’t brag or publicize these acts like other politicians would do and have done. THIS is the kind of person that needs to lead our country

  9. I have so much respect for the Man named Donald Trump & I will be so proud to watch to take back America from those that have run it into the ground. I can’t waif to call you my President! You are the most worthy candidate we have had in 8 years. And I know all the stories I have just read about how generous you are are all true! Thank you Mr. Trump for becoming this Country’s last hope‼️🌟🌟💜💜🌹🌹

  10. God bless Mr. Trump for that good deed!… No matter what people say about someone or what that someone says that makes himself look heartless, we KNOW that he has a good heart. He is a Gemini, after all. Gemeni will give their shirt off their back to help someone. Just do NOT step on their toes! 😉

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