What Trump Just Suggested Will Cut The Taliban Off At The Knees!


Joe Biden’s administration has been always criticized for its failure and now complete destruction. yikes!

Joe Biden’s Afghanistan debacle really brought his legacy down Big time. From withdrawing forces without proper evacuation planning to give access to high machinery weapons for Afghanistan.

It was confirmed by the INSIDER that during its capture of the country, the Taliban acquired a vast amount of US defense materials, including combat aircraft, guns, and helicopters.

The US government spent billions of dollars to equip and train Afghan security forces over the war’s two decades. But US weaponry ending up with Taliban forces is not new. The insurgent group has claimed to have seized American automatic rifles, grenade launchers, weapons optics, radios, humvees, and other US military articles over the years.

Donald Trump is highly suggesting that the Biden administration should demand the Taliban immediately return the equipment, Trump argued, but if they refuse he proposed either using “unequivocal military force” to retrieve it or at least bombing “the hell out of it.”

It’s not uncommon for Trump to criticize his successor, but The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel believes the latest statement is more notable than some others because it appears to represent a tonal shift for the potential 2024 presidential candidate, who has advocated for ending the war in Afghanistan and touted his administration’s deal with the Taliban. The Daily Beast’s Asawin Suebsaeng, meanwhile, said it reminds him of Trump’s rhetoric during the 2016 campaign when he simultaneously called for leaving Iraq and going in to “take the oil.” The statement, Suebsaeng said, also “helps explain some of [the] GOP incongruence” on Afghanistan.

Joe Biden in a nutshell. Poor American citizens paying taxes, big time!

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