When Asked To Talk About Her Husband…Trump Did NOT Expect Melania To Give This HILARIOUS Response


The entire Trump family met with the cast of TODAY to talk about Donald’s mission and his loveable personality.

Trump’s eldest children Donald Jr, Eric, Ivanka, and Tiffany joined their stepmother Melania to let America hear from the family that supports the GOP-front-runner.

Donald barely spoke a word while both Ivanka and Donald Jr. shared favorite memories of their father as he laughed with his grandchildren on the golf course. The family boasted that America does not get to see the humorous side of their father who apparently loves to crack jokes and hold his 20-month-old granddaughter.

Melania received a huge laugh from the crowd when she revealed that she hopes her husband will stop tweeting. Trump fans know how much he loves to Tweet but even his wife knows that it can sometimes get him in trouble. Donald chuckled with a big smile and responded like the loving husband he is.

Donald has nearly 8 million followers on Twitter. He has stated that he will limit his tweeting once he enters the White House. But, for now, it seems that may continue to send out his thoughts with a simple click of the button.

Watch the amazing exchange below and SHARE if you want Trump to continue Tweeting!


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