Why This Woman Set A World Record Will BLOW YOUR MIND!


TikTok is full of users with big mouths, but one star on the social media platform just proved hers is quite literally the largest.

A Connecticut woman who used to be bullied for her big mouth is now a proud Guinness World Record holder.

Guinness World Records confirmed that Samantha Ramsdell, from Connecticut, is the record holder for the world’s largest mouth gape for a female.

Ramsdell’s mouth, capable of holding an entire large order of fries from McDonald’s, measures 6.52 cm or about 2.5 inches wide.

She told Guinness, “I never thought it would be possible to be this famous off my mouth, but it’s incredible.”

Her videos include one of her stuffing three donuts in her mouth, a step up from her video fulfilling a request to eat two at one time. She can also fit in a large order of fries.

According to Ramsdell, “the children of TikTok” convinced her to seek the world record.

She claimed the Guinness title after visiting a dentist with an official adjudicator present.

“You know getting a Guinness World Records title, it’s finally being almost able to show some of the bullies or people who doubted me or tormented me that hey – I have a big mouth, but at least I have the biggest one in the world!” Ramsdell said.

Ramsdell advised others with large body parts or different talents to not be afraid of their “biggest asset” and recognize it as a “superpower.”

“It is thing that makes you special and different from everyone else walking around,” she said.

Now at age 31, Ramsdell embraces her unique feature for her 1.7 million TikTok followers.

She said it used to be “something that really I was so insecure about, something that I wanted to keep so small,” but it’s now “one of the biggest, best things about me.”

“It’s your superpower. It’s the thing that makes you unique and special,” she said. “Everyone should be celebrating what makes them different.”

Ramsdell hopes to one day have her own show, using her humor, wit and singing.

Watch it here: Youtube/Guiness World Records

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