You Won’t BELIEVE What Chris Wallace Said About Trump Following the Debate!

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The number of people who believe that Trump has a real chance of winning these elections is on the rise. Nobody trusts Hillary. Not anymore. Not after she killed all those people. Yes, she’s held as responsible for the death of so many people. Benghazi… Rings a bell?

Trump, on the other hand, is tolerant towards the biased media, although they come up with a new lie every day. But, he can do things himself. Donald Trump doesn’t need the lamestream media to cover up things for him. Hillary is the one that can’t even breathe without being covered and protected. Do you know what Chris Wallace things about this? You’ll be more than surprised.

Chris Wallace, hosted at “Fox News Sunday”, reacted to his sit-down interview with Donald Trump. He said that  now he is “beginning to believe” that Trump “could be elected president of the United States.”

Watch the video:

“All of us dismissed Trump early on. A summer fling, momentary amusement,” Wallace stated. “As I watch that interview and I heard what he had to say about the country and about trade and about losing and just the sheer force of his personality, I am beginning to believe he could be elected president of the United States.”

 Sure, he’s honest for one thing, and he’ll clean up Washington. Thanks, Chris!

We need Trump to get us out of this mess. America is really looking forward to November 8. That’s the day when we’ll finally get rid of Hillary. Hope she ends in jail.


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  1. The rules of politics is what gotten this Country in the hole we are in. Politics is a big game a do nothing, collect the money to hell with the people. That’s not Trump and they are scared of him they want everything to stay the same. If you want them to stay the same no improvement the same old same old then vote Clinton because she is the essence of a Politician.

  2. We need term limits on all political offices. Those positions were designed to be part time – now we have professional politicians that are turning our country away from what the people want.
    Power and money corrupt- term limits are necessary.

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