WOW! Biden’s Approval Rating Is Slipping Like His Feet!


Many years ago, when I was in my teens, there was a science fiction show that was on for a couple of seasons that I would watch every week that it was on.

I would never miss one episode. Then one day, like that, it was gone. The show was just off the air without explanation. I asked my parents how would they do something to something that was such a great show and they told me that the ratings were simply not high enough.

It doesn’t matter what one person thinks, there’s someone that likes everything. What matters is how much everyone likes something and if the ratings are bad on something, then it’s time to pull the plug.

It is no secret that Joe Biden is not liked by many Americans.

This is why nobody attended his eerie inauguration, why the Whitehouse removed its own inauguration video from searches, and why Joe Biden is the most disliked president in YouTube history getting magnitudes more dislikes as big tech colludes to hide the dissenting views.

Yesterday, that trend continued as Biden’s Rasmussen approval index fell to tie its all time lows of -10 for the 3rd time and his total approval rating fell 3%.

The approval index measures the difference between people who strongly approve of Biden’s performance (31%) and those who strongly disapprove (41%). People on all sides of the isle appear to be becoming more disaffected with Biden as he demonstrates his truly anti-American nature through his policies.

It must be noted that Trump’s approval index was often much lower than -10, so many more people will have to awaken to Biden’s malfeasances before his approval index falls far enough to really affect his decision making or the course of this country.  So, keep gently nudging people toward the data they are missing that will prove to them that what the legacy media tells them is inaccurate and biased.

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