WOW! Liberals Are Trying To Push Out A Liberal Supreme Court Justice!


Democratic lawmakers are joining the calls for 82-year-old Justice Stephen Breyer to step down so that Biden can replace him with a much younger Black woman radical.

The Leftist group has started a campaign to pressure a sitting Supreme Court justice to retire so a Democrat president can replace him, the first step in a broader effort to focus the party’s attention on the judiciary.

They have learned their lesson from Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Liberals are angry because she didn’t retire in time for Obama to name her replacement. Instead, President Trump was able to replace her on the highest court in the land.

They have been harassing Breyer and forcing him to abandon the highest court in the land by driving a truck-mounted electronic billboard around Capitol Hill that they have been using along with social media

They have been planning all this before the 2022 election. Waiting too long may compromise their control over the senate.

That means before the end of this year to early next year to be safe.

Leading the group are Christopher Kang, the group’s co-founder, and an Obama White House veteran, and Brian Fallon, who served as press secretary for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

They are trying to educate liberals (Good luck with that) on the importance of every single seat on the Supreme Court. Evidently, they don’t believe that the Democrats can pull off packing SCOTUS.

Excerpt from NewsMax reporting:

“To that end, they launched a $2 million campaign in 2020 to engage progressive activists on high-court vacancies. They also ran ads and held organizing events after then-President Donald Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, including a campaign to expand the number of seats on the Supreme Court, which the Biden administration is studying.”

“It’s about reminding people that the Supreme Court is an inherently political institution. And in this moment, when we have a 50-50 Senate, part of this is about preserving Justice Breyer’s legacy and making sure that he’s succeeded by a like-minded justice.” 

The Daily Wire Reported:

Republican judicial advocates told Newsmax that the effort to drive Breyer out is inappropriate.

“It’s such a ham-fisted attempt at strong-arming a justice,” said Carrie Severino, president of the conservative Judicial Crisis Network. “It’s inappropriate and counterproductive if you want the person to retire. I’m not sure why they think this is a good move, unless it’s to rile up the base.”

Sources: DJHJ Media, Newsmax, Daily Wire