WOW! One Brave Reporter Just Ripped The Chicago Mayor A New One!


In the video below, a Newsmax reporter asks if Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot owes crime victims an apology, to which Lightfoot responds with lie after falsehood, claiming crime has decreased (see the facts below).

According to NBC Chicago, the city is seeing a “spike in crime” that has people taking matters into their own hands. The truth is that crime in the city is out of control.

Because it’s clear she’s not used to anything but softball questions, a visibly frustrated Lightfoot fired lots of barbs at the reporter.

Murders are up this year, conforming to the Chicago Police Department’s crime statistics. “2021 is so far the deadliest in 4 years.” The Chicago Tribune recently published a claim.

Early in June, NBC News reported:

As the number of shootings rises in Chicago, authorities are attempting to reduce crime…

“Over the weekend, five people were killed and at least 55 others were injured; a week later, three people were killed and 34 others were wounded over Memorial Day weekend.”

As reported by Chicago Police Superintendent.

 “Homicides are up 5%, and gunshots are up 17% this year compared to the same period last year, Police Superintendent David Brown stated during the news conference.”

When the Newsmax reporter posed an honest question, he struck a chord. It’s too bad the rest of the ‘journalists’ don’t follow suit.

“Crime is not out of control” who does she think she’s fooling?

The fact is that she is lying about crime statistics. Shootings and murders are at all-time highs in Chicago.

“Wants to lead but doesn’t want to be held accountable.”

She lost control of the city and people are literally paying for it with their lives.

Watch it here: Youtube/FOX 32 Chicago

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