WOW, Somehow Even Playboy Has Gone Too Far!


It seems Biden’s woke virus is spreading, ever since he took office liberals are becoming a contagious disease in the mainstream. They’re no longer afraid to influence the public with their propaganda since they are all backed by Biden itself.

And recently, Playboy join the cult…

Tracing the history of Playboy magazine, it has a shocking debut back in 1950s but compared today, it’s pretty tame stuff here in the 21st century.

Internet becomes its biggest competitor nowadays, so stay relevant in the 21st century – they’re doing everything just to sell copies.

This time, Playboy use a gay male cover – the first time ever in the history of Playboy Magazine.

Bretman, a 23-year-old from the Philippines who first found fame on YouTube and Vine, was also the star of this year’s MTV reality show MTV Following: Bretman Rock.

The Daily Mail noted, “While Bretman isn’t the first man to get his own Playboy cover — singer Bad Bunny and founder Hugh Hefner himself have both starred alone on the front of the magazine — he is the first to fully embrace the Playboy aesthetic and dress in a corset, heels, ears, and a tail.”

Playboy put out a profane tweet to announce the news.

“In the cover photo by photographer Brian Ziff, he models a [sic] black corset that hangs below exposed nipples, a pair of black tights, chunky heels, and the standard Playboy Bunny accessories: cuffs, a bowtie, ears, and a fluffy tail,” Daily Mail added.

Bretman Rock himself also posted a photo on his Twitter account, he wrote, “I’m a @playboy bunny, DUHHHHHH

This move by Playboy and its producers have gained many reactions…mainly from Bretman’s fans, they loved it.

Here are some of them, “This whole look Is everything, from the shoes, the hair, the corset.”

“Game changer. Opening the way for many others. Thank you.”

“A magazine made for h**ny heterosexual men just put a gay man on the cover. Yeah. Bretman is a different level of sexy for achieving this.”

Also, Glee’s Kevin McHale said, “Sacayanan is “playmate of the year tbh” and “gorgeous.”

But not all are meant to be supportive or happy with the move.

One user asked, “So I may be way out of touch but I thought playboy catered to straight men and possibly gay women, yanno since it’s filled with naked women. If a man wants to pose… isn’t that what playgirl is for?”

NBC News also reported:

“Last year, fellow beauty influencer Victoria Volkova became the first transgender woman to appear on the cover of Playboy Mexico. Volkova followed other trans women to appear in various editions of the publication, including Roberta Close, Caroline “Tula” Cossey, Giuliana Farfalla, and Geena Rocero. In November 2017, the French model Ines Rau became the first openly trans Playboy Playmate.

Anthony Allen Ramos, LGBTQ advocacy group GLAAD’s head of talent, praised Playboy’s inclusion of Rock on its cover, calling it a ”powerful step forward in the ongoing movement towards greater diversity and inclusion in fashion and modeling.”

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