WOW! The Liberal Media Is Even Ripping Grandpa Joe A New One..


Joe Biden’s press conference on Wednesday could have made something better when it comes to his standing, I mean, it’s an opportunity to redeem himself. However, he screwed up again and this time he makes things a lot worse for him.

During his 364th day as a so-called president, Biden failed again that even liberal media can no longer cover his acts.

One of the news outlets who reported and tuned up the heat on Biden and called him a “disaster” is the New York Post:

The news page outlet’s editorial board called out Biden’s sometimes meandering and ambiguous responses.

If President Biden’s press conference Wednesday was supposed to inspire confidence, it failed — horribly.

Even though he spent most of it clearly calling on reporters from a list of “safe” questioners provided by his staff, he stumbled and bumbled and all too often made no sense at all. Plus, he repeated his bizarre “whisper shout” gimmick to emphasize certain points — when what it actually emphasizes is his age.

On that note, he kept walking down memory lane, reminiscing about how “in my day” cable news was like that, the Republican Party was like this, and so on. He’s fighting old wars in his head, or maybe he’s just confused about the modern world.

Yet he couldn’t remember what he said last week, insisting he hadn’t compared opponents of end-running the Senate filibuster rules to pass the nationalize-election-law bill to Bull Connor and Jefferson Davis. Yet minutes later, he warned those same (Democratic!) senators that their supposedly infamous position will stick with them all the rest of their days.

Biden also failed to offer a ‘course correction’ to a year plagued by soaring inflation, foreign policy crises, and record low approval in the polls, according to the Editorial Board of Wall Street Journal.

The Washington Post who’s known for being friendlier to Biden also observed the aggressive stance he took against Republicans on the subject of voting rights and accused them of holding up his agenda.

The Post’s coverage of Biden’s news conference opened acknowledging he ‘escalated his partisan rhetoric’ on Wednesday which ‘intensified a harsher tone that Biden has taken this year toward Republicans.’

And even CNN also destroyed Biden and said:

‘I’m already seeing in my text exchanged with people around the president — clean up on aisle State Department,’ CNN host Dana Bash said immediately after the press conference.

One moment that caused particular confusion in the United States and abroad was when the president was asked about the worsening situation between Russia and Ukraine.

He said Russia would be ‘held accountable if it invades Ukraine, but added: ‘And it depends on what it does. It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and we end up having to fight about what to do and what to not do, et cetera.’

But if they actually do what they’re capable of doing with the forces amassed on the border, it is going to be a disaster for Russia.’

Allies and White House officials leaped in to try and explain his remarks.

But “it doesn’t matter what they say” he meant, CNN’s Bash said, “because it is going to have to be cleaned up.”

Her CNN colleague Van Jones later said the president seemed ‘foggy and meandering.’

In one poll this week, 37% of voters graded his first year as an F, and another 12% gave it a D.  However, Mr. Biden remained steadfast. No, he said, he didn’t overpromise the public about what he could accomplish. He believes he has “outperformed” and delivered “enormous progress.” Americans simply don’t know the details of his successes. He had “no apologies” for the debacle in Afghanistan.

“Look, I didn’t overpromise. But I have probably outperformed what anybody thought would happen,” he said.

“Do you think of any president has done as much in one year? Name one. I don’t think there has been much on any incoming president’s plate that has been a bigger menu than the plate I have.”

A result from a Gallup poll shows that only 40 percent of Americans approve of the job that Biden is doing and the rest of 56 percent disapproved. That’s the lowest rating for any recent president at their one-year mark, aside from Trump, whose rating was a few points lower.  However, we must remember that we’re talking about the most popular president in history.

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