Anti-Trump Portland Rioters Harass Woman in Car…NO POLICE IN SIGHT!

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Not everyone is thrilled with the fact that Donald Trump is President-Elect. There have been many left wing protests, some of which have become violent.

A new video has revealed that protesters took a baseball bat to an innocent woman’s carin Portland, Oregon. The man who caught the aftermath of the incident on camera explained that it might have been a fist that broke the windshield instead. Either way, the woman was simply trying to get to an emergency nearby the anti-Trump protest.

In the video, you can see the woman is very upset. The man who took the video leaves the scene after documenting the incident, simply to try to give the distraught woman some privacy.

It is disgusting that the anti-Trumper’s think this woman should not be able to use the road, simply because their candidate lost the election.

The Portland police have asked anyone who knows anything about this incident to report it to them.We hope that those who witnessed this awful incident do so, because this kind of behavior is just unacceptable. It should result in criminal charges against whoever is responsible.

This poor woman had no political motivations to be there and did not deserve to suffer at the hands of violent anti-Trump protesters. For all they know, she could also have been a Clinton supporter!

These protesters, especially those who are violent, ignore both President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s call to come together in unification. They appear unable to accept that many Americans feels differently about our last Presidential election than they do. They have yet to learn, as many Romney supporters did last time around, that we have to stand together as Americans.

We can have peaceful differences of opinion. However, by engaging in senseless acts of violence, these anti-Trumpers destroy their own credibility. Democrats are supposed to be the party of peace and tolerance, yet they are out in the street breaking windshields on innocent women who simply have a nearby emergency.

It make sense that Liberals are upset. Obama’s legacy has shattered before their eyes and their presidential candidate suffered a crushing defeat. But, being upset doesn’t give you license to hurt innocent people!

Now is the time for us to heal after a prolonged presidential campaign and come together as a nation in support of the President. You may disagree with the President’s policies, you can believe that someone else would be a better President, but the office of the presidency deserves respect. Our electoral process is fair and also deserves respect. And no one has the right to violate the law because they are upset.

So liberals need to come out of their safe spaces, stop trying to get their classes canceled at universities because they are upset, and move on with their lives, because we have work to do.

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