ALERT – Hillary Supporters BEAT Homeless Woman Holding Pro-Trump Sign In Hollywood…Now She Is Missing And Mr. Trump Wants To Know Where She Is!

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When you think of politically-motivated violence, you don’t usually think of America, but after Hillary Clinton supporters beat up a homeless Trump supporter it might be time to change your mind. Despite the media hit job on him, the Trump campaign is dealing with this matter in a professional and presidential manner.

Michael D. Cohen is an American lawyer and a right-hand man to Donald Trump. He implied that Trump took a vested interest in making sure this woman was safe after she was victimized. Cohen asked everyone on Twitter not to contact the Trump campaign but to private message him on Twitter so it gets to Donald Trump faster. 

If that alone had been the scope of the involvement from the Trump campaign, it would have been enough. But the reason Cohen was on the case was because Donald Trump wanted to personally thank the woman by giving her a gift.

While the woman was on the star, she held up a sign illustrating the hypocrisy of letting in illegals while not helping homeless people like herself. She was perched on Donald Trump’s Star itself to ensure that no one vandalized it.

Cohen and Trump’s gratitude for this woman didn’t just end with one simple tweet. All over the board, there were messages playing out about how they were trying to find this woman and hold those who assaulted her accountable. One tweet in particular read that the homeless woman “will ultimately have the last laugh.”

As Friday evening wore on, something remarkable happened. More people began to get involved with the search for the woman after Cohen tweeted out that he had some people looking for her but still could not find her. One concerned Trump supporter tweeted, “We are praying she will be found safe! Please God!”

There was also anger evident on Twitter. Time and again, Hillary Clinton’s supporters have relegated themselves to the lowest rung of the ladder with these incidents of violence, and many are starting to wake up to it. “How about we also find the monsters who surrounded and assaulted her?” one outraged social media client tweeted. Cohen replied and said that it was up to the police to do, but he agreed that he hoped they found the culprits.

While we, too, prefer to keep a cool head and let the police do their job, we still feel outrage over this whole incident. Is the violence this homeless woman suffered the kind of treatment we are to expect if Hillary Clinton is elected president?

Will her apologists resort to violence against anyone who disagrees with her every time Clinton makes a mistake? Freedom of Speech? Ha! Not when a candidate’s supporters are willing to go assault anyone who disagrees with them, especially vulnerable homeless people. It will be a sad day if the first woman President of the United States is a violent suppressor of our freedom of speech! The women of this nation can do better!

Further, the biased media are in on Clinton’s suppression of speech. Only the right-wing sources are even reporting this horrific act of violence. Again though, cue the double standards, because if this had been Trump supporters who beat a homeless Clinton supporter, it would have been front page news. This is sad. Very sad indeed.



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