BREAKING – We Just Learned THIS About The Man Who Attacked Trump, This Is Something From Our NIGHTMARES!!!

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Last night at a Reno, Nevada rally, Donald Trump had another close call, with Secret Service Agents rushing him off stage briefly.

The alleged attacker, Austyn Crites, was apprehended by authorities and later released. But the scary thing is that his name is on a Wikileaks bird dogging list…

The excitement started when someone yelled “gun” in the front row of the rally.

You can see Trump pause his speech and look into the crowd for a moment when suddenly Secret Service Agents appear on stage to escort Trump to safety.

As for Crites, he is openly supporting Hillary Clinton and was obviously there to get a reaction, and he succeeded. He also got the bottom end of a few people’s boots for his efforts.

Quite honestly, I am surprised that we have not seen more of this with Hillary’s lead in the race all but gone now. She failed to capitalize on the leaked Trump tape and is now embattled in a knockdown, drag out fight for states that typically vote blue in these elections.

As a matter of fact, Hillary changed her campaign schedule to head to Michigan on Monday in a last ditch effort to save the state. It is key states like this where many believe Trump will steal votes and take the election.

Trump, on the other hand, has been hitting multiple states every day to solidify his ground where he is expected to win as well as continuing to eat away at Hillary’s lead in some of the key swing states where she still holds a lead.

In many of these, Trump has actually pulled into a virtual tie or is at least within the margin of error. Considering most of these polls are heavily weighted towards Democrats, we have to think he has a great shot to absolutely crush her on Tuesday.

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