BYE BYE KAEPERNICK! 49ers Finally Say GOODBYE To The Race Baiting, Non Voting, Crybaby ONCE AND FOR ALL!

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It looks like Colin Kaepernick will play the next 6 games for the San Francisco 49ers and that will be it!

The 49ers need him for that, and then he will have to find somewhere else to play! Looks like Colin Kaepernick got more than he bargained for when he disrespected the country that gave him the opportunity that he has squandered.

I have a feeling that he will not find employment easily as he is not really a good player in the first place and he has made a mess for the NFL. Has he helped his team? well, they’re 1-9 (last place in their division), have lost 9 straight for the first time in 70 years – and own THE WORST RECORD IN PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL!

Before some of you begin screaming, I personally believe Kaepernick has every right to protest, take a knee, or engage in any freedom of expression of his choice – so shut up in advance. This country rocks and the proof is even an ill-advised idiot can get rich and famous.

The Mercury News reports in part:

Colin Kaepernick has managed to lose all five games since reclaiming his starting job from QB Blaine Gabbert – but the 49’ers are now able to rid themselves of this multi-millionaire cry-baby who didn’t vote, didn’t register to vote – and yet feels he’s being oppressed by America.

Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers need each other for the remaining games, and no more. Here’s the details:

USA Today reports:

The 49ers and Kaepernick’s agents have been working on a restructured contract that is expected to make him a free agent in March.
Well that was a nice way to tell Kaepernick, “You’re Fired!”
Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! While the NFL and the 49ers will try to spin this to be about injuries and abilities, we all know that he has created a mess for the NFL and the 49ers.



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0 thoughts on “BYE BYE KAEPERNICK! 49ers Finally Say GOODBYE To The Race Baiting, Non Voting, Crybaby ONCE AND FOR ALL!

  1. Sorry guys but the worst record in Pro Ball belongs to the Cleveland Browns with a record of 0 and 11.

  2. Not really a sports guy are you? Cleveland has the worst record, they haven’t won a game all season so 1-9 is BETTER than 0-10.

  3. Sorry, but my beloved Cleveland Browns own the worst record in the NFL. Just a fact check for ya’.

  4. Well, Professional Football is a business and this EMPLOYEE is costing his employers Millions. Even if this miscreant was the Best player, fans are not going to the games, because he’s a spoiled, ungrateful brat. It’s just that simple. His behavior is costing them money and if he worked anywhere, his employers would fire him.

  5. He has the right to protest on his own time, not while he is performing his function as an employee. The fault falls with the SF management for allowing players to act however they want while “working” in their employment. So how is all this working out for you NFL?

  6. The NFL should kick him out NOW, he is nothing special and does not deserve the right to play 6 more games. He is not proud of his country, we don’t want to see him.

  7. I cannot respect a man who has been given everything in life, and become a millionaire through the opportunities our great country offers, and now he wants to be a dissident! May he go the way of Lutrell Spreewell!!

  8. First of all the 49ers do not own the worst record in football that belongs to the Cleveland Browns. Colin Kaepernick is not the sole reason we are 1-9. Lack of team talent, Injuries and poor team play is the reason were 1-9. I don’t know if your aware of this he is signed until the end of the 2017 season so he won’t be going anywhere this offseason.

    Sincerely, Dustin Scott

  9. No he does not!!! If he’s going to live and work in America, he needs to respect what we stand for. Period!!!! His rights begin where mine end, and I’m still kicking, so get off your knees and respect those who made this nation a place where a piece of crap like you can make the money you’re making!!! I have cousins who died for your freedom and a dad that suffered in a German consentration camp, and you’d better believe, you HAVE to respect them!! Get up and get out, if you don’t respect this country!!!

  10. Oh I hope this is true, I’m so sick of his mouth. Good bye, so long, don’t let the plane ✈️ stop till you are long gone on that one way ticket.

  11. The Browns own the worst record. Do some research before spewing out drivel. You’re as educated on his stance as you are football.

  12. Finally the 49ers woke up,that mule is not a good choice for anything,he is an idiot,end of his career.

  13. You people pick the wrong things to continuously talk about. Colin taking a knee is more of a problem than what? Domestic violence against a women? I dont hear much about that. Its Colin right. Thats what wrong with this country. People want to take away your Rights!!!

  14. He is a race baiting loser, America love it or leave it , he has made millions of dollars in America , you won’t be missed.

  15. Was hope bf the comments wouldn’t resemble the ignorance and inherent bigotry of this “news” magazine. One can always hope! 😂 How about idiots like you, Drumpf, his Aryan brotherhood followers, and the rest of the ignorant assholes bringing this country down put yourselves on that plane–make it one way into the sea! 👍😜😂😂 Nowhere else would have y’all. Btw, the actual intelligent non-robots who Did Not vote for the pugilistic (look that up knuckledraggers 😝😂) aren’t going anywhere. All you white lower class or, let’s be real, No Class!, zombies bought into business-as-usual, elitist rhetoric to divide the races because it’s easy to do with the becoming-a-minority like you guys lol. It serves their purposes to further decimate the poor and working classes and to further erode the waning middle class. Shame on you! All y’all moving be to Texas, with Drumpf and his nazi cronies and build a wall! And.You.Were.Never.Heard.From.Again. LMAO

  16. Not only should he go, but so should the clown(s) who allowed him to be so disrespectful to our country. He would have NEVER played another game, had I been the coach or team owner. And, if the team had to suffer with or because of a contract, so be it, he would still should never have touched another football.

  17. Not only should he go, but so should the clown(s) who allowed him to be so disrespectful to our country. He would have NEVER played another game, had I been the coach or team owner. And, if the team had to suffer with or because of a contract, so be it, he would still never have touched another football.

  18. This author needs to learn to listen and read. Colin Kaepernick NEVER EVER said that he either felt or is oppressed. He stated that others were being oppressed and that he felt the need to speak out on it. That’s okay, the author is only doing the exact same thing that the media did, back in the day, to Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Muhammad Ali

  19. Actually he looks like he is giving MORE respect to the flag by kneeling down on one knee. Even though that seems disrespectful it looks like he in bowing down to the flag.

  20. I believe people have a right to protest but nealing during the national anthem is absolutely disrespectful, especially when we have military men and women at the games that have come home safely but they have watched others killed in the name of freedom for us. So I’m glad the NFL is finally going to do something about it.

  21. I am of the belief if he was doing well he would not be going anywhere. I wish it was for his actions to America on the field, but the SF is looking for the Super Bowl and if he is injured or not pulling his weight then off he goes. I do not watch the NFL any more because of players like Kaepernick! F’him and the rest that think the way he does and show disrespect. Try showing out in any other country in the world and see if you do not get the same kind of treatment here, if not worse!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  22. I can’t find any other source with this story. I’m afraid it’s a lie. And it’s not the first time this source has made false news statements.

  23. Not the worst record in football, the Browns own that because they have yet to win a game… This author better bone up on his football stats – otherwise he looks just like an idiot that he is..

  24. He does not have a right to “take a knee” when in the team uniform, being paid by the organization, on their field, on their time, It is their show. He does have a right to protest on his own time but not on the organization’s time and show. Administrative and case law is very clear on this. The Niners and the NFL caved in on this issue.

  25. Hilarious that people think he won’t find employment. Michael Vick actually committed crimes against animals, fighting and killing, and he’s still playing. As much as I dislike Kaepernick, y’all are crazy to think that no team will want him.

  26. I am so tired of people making excuses for CK and saying he has a right to protest in this way. WRONG! CK is an employee of the ’49ers. He enjoys a broad PUBLIC audience for his protest by virtue of that fact and that fact alone. When he is on the field, he is misusing his position as an employee to make a PRIVATE expression of his disgust for the nation. If he wants to protest, he should do so on his own time and in an appropriate setting, such as a press conference called as a private citizen. The ’49ers have every right to squelch his expression on the field while plying his profession as a representative of the team and they should. He is using a platform that is not his own to broadcast his personal opinions, and that is wrong.

  27. Not quite the worst record in football, Cleveland hasn’t won a single game yet….
    Either way, good riddance. I believe in his right to protest, but do not disrespect the National Anthem, and the flag. Find another way to get your word out.

  28. Why does a team with the worst record in football feel they need to keep him for the next 6 games. Why not just cut him and start building for next year with someone else. It’s not like losing another game will affect their chances of making the playoffs.

  29. He has NO RIGHT to take a knee on his organizations time. Do it on his own time. None of us can walk into our organizations board room for a meeting and kneel down to pray. He is insubordinate jerk. I f/b’ed the SF 49’ers to let them know that it is their decision to make him stand as it is the organizations protocol, so now it’s up to them. When you work for an organization, you have to follow rules.

  30. Yeay!!! Finally, I’m glad that they’re getting rid of this pompous unpatriotic idiot! Good Riddance Kaeppernick! 😍😀😄😃

  31. He is a total douche but the browns are 0-12, at least get your facts straight and your article will have a little more conviction to it

  32. Eric Reid. Another ignorant ass who doesn’t get that the National Anthem is not only a way to pay homage to our Country THE MELTING POT, but it’s traditional as well. That fist in the air and kneeling shit……….I blame parents and in kaepernicks case, his muzzierat g/f. He needs to go.

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