EPA Chief Just Dropped Climate Shocker: ‘Carbon Dioxide Not a Primary Contributor to Global Warming’

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Democrats are losing their minds.

They are slowly watching their worst fears all come to life as Trump follows through with each and every promise he made to the American people. As if the repeal of Obamacare or even the demise of Planned Parenthood wasn’t devastating enough for libs….now even the EPA is beginning to fall to the right.

Throughout the presidential election, there was plenty of discussion and fury over what might happen to the fight against ‘climate change’ if Donald Trump were to be elected:

In fact, HIllary Clinton even previously stated ‘”global warming” it was “the most important issue of the election.”

And Trump followed through with his promises for the EPA, and the b*tching continued…

But what  really brought the issue to head was a segment held on CNBC with the newly minted EPA, Chief Scott Pruitt, where he tells us EVERYTHING we have been trying to tell libtards for years:

His comments created a major firestorm online from angry leftists.

And then there was light at the end of the tunnel where Trump Pruitt found the utmost support!

Sorry climate change believers, you’re full of crap!

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