Trump Fury Prompts Blue-Blood College Back-Down

President Trump used his daily virus briefing on Tuesday to slam Harvard University, a wealthy "Ivy League" college, famous for catering to the blue-blood elite. They tried to greedily glom on to almost $9 million ....

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High School Dance Team Wear ‘Slutty’ Outfits, Perform Stripper Routine For Shocked Football Fans And Children

What in the world is happening to our American public school system?! In Florida, a Miami high school dance team is raising eyebrows over the young girl's new dance outfits. Some of the parents and fans ....

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High School Football Team Just Sent Brutal Smackdown To America-Hating NFL Kneelers

Players and teams in the NFL continued to kneel during the national anthem in protest before the games going into Week 4. The protests started last season when former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick ....

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