Church Shooter Devin Kelly’s Religion Was Just Leaked And It Is HORRIFYING

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Recent mass shooting suspect’s religious affiliations have been revealed and lend insight into his sinister actions.

Devin Kelly went on a shooting spree Sunday when he opened fire at a church in Texas and killed 26 people. Liberals and mainstream media outlets would have the public believing that once again gun control is to blame, but in reality Devin Kelly is to blame.

A quick look into Kelly’s past via social media accounts gives the real answer behind this madman’s behavior and unfortunately for liberals the truth doesn’t follow their gun control rhetoric.

Kelly was an atheist or at least harbored atheist tendencies which has been revealed by the many atheist organizations with which Kelly followed on social media. Furthermore Devin Kelly has been associated with Antifa which would mark the second mass shooting in less than a month where the suspect was tied to the radical left organizations.

Via Liberty Writers:

According to Paul Joseph Watson and, Devin Kelly followed a ton of atheist pages and subscribed to them.

Kelly also posted a picture to Facebook just days ago with the image of an automatic assault weapon with the words ‘She’s a bad b****’ as the captioning. How did Kelly manage to acquire such a weapon after being kicked out of the Air Force? Not LEGALLY which is what liberals should try and pay more attention to.

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  1. we were warned years ago by 2 sources,the founding fathers and the bible that this was the course our nation would take if we challenged either,the good news is we can change it,if we are wise….

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