Acquitted President Prays For Retribution

President Donald Trump has no love for his deep state enemies, he told Thursday's National Prayer Breakfast. The Senate just fully acquitted him of the baseless lies manufactured to corrupt the election process. There are ....

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Teen Was Dead For 20 Minutes Before Being Revived. Here’s What He Claims Jesus Said To Him

There have been many fascinating stories out there about encounters with Jesus, or Christ when someone has had an experience of being revived after dying. However, this story might just make a non-believer think twice.. ....

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Right After Church Shooter Opened Fire, This Texan Did The UNTHINKABLE To Wipe Him Off Earth

After sounds of gunfire erupted in the small town Texas church on Sunday morning, two people just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Two good samaritans stepped in to stop ....

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VP Mike Pence Sets Internet On Fire, Exposes One Thing That Will Stain Obama’s Legacy Forever

Mike Pence recently gave a speech to advocates for the persecuted church, unveiling plans for the US to give more direct aid to Christians and other minorities in the Middle East facing genocide. Vice President ....

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Mecca’s Centuries-Old Ban On Non-Islamic Faith Makes Trump’s Ban Look Like Little League

Everyone is so quick to fly off their rocker over Trump announcement of the 'travel ban'. Many of the people protesting have never associated themselves with politics of any sort, and somehow all of a sudden ....

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