Delivery Man Spitting on Amazon Package, and It’s All Caught On Video!


As we continue to go through the Coronavirus crisis, there is a new term that has entered our collective consciousness. Unfortunately, there are “Covidiots” out there who are doing outrageous things, such as INTENTIONALLY spreading germs. The man in the following story definitely fits the bill.


Just a bit of a disclaimer here, but the following story is definitely going to remind you of that disgusting trend last year where teenagers and trailer park trash adults were licking ice cream and putting it back on the grocery shelf. But here goes, anyway.


Apparently, there was a delivery man who was caught on a home security camera licking the package he was delivering to the unsuspecting family inside! Like many other delivery drivers, he is probably being driven to the point of exhaustion because of dealing with quarantined customers.


Of course, many consider this a menial job, and these delivery customers simply aren’t getting the respect that they deserve. Is it possible this individual feels resentment over how his group is being treated? Definitely. However, that doesn’t give him the right to resort to vindictive (and possibly even criminal) activity on a family that did absolutely nothing to him at all!

All I can say is it is definitely a good thing this family had a video doorbell! They checked it after they noticed their package was soaked with a substance that appeared to be human saliva. Naturally, homeowner Marcus Martinez was appalled when he saw what the man did, and he and his family took the video to social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram.


After Amazon representatives discovered the outrageous footage, they immediately tried to do some damage control by releasing this statement: “This is clearly not representative of drivers who deliver for Amazon and the care they take for customers around the world every day. We are aggressively investigating to understand what may have occurred in this situation. If it truly was a malicious act by the driver, we will be sure he is held accountable, up through and including law enforcement action.”


As of yet, it isn’t clear whether this driver has faced any consequences for his actions. However, hopefully he is appropriately prosecuted, because if this virus is indeed spread by contact with human germs, how can we not be certain that this man’s reprehensible actions won’t inspire copycat crimes?


How do you feel about this delivery driver’s disgusting behavior? Your thoughts on this story would be greatly appreciated!